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What we believe

We believe in God, who is a loving Father

We believe Jesus is God, the perfect man for us to follow

We believe in God the Holy Spirt, who lives in us, comforts, guides us.

We believe Jesus came as a saviour and to dwell with us

He was born to the virgin Mary conceived by the Holy Spirit

He was killed by unjust men

Through his death and resurrection we are made righteous, and have a relationship with God

God wants to be reconciled to us. This is not possible through our own effort. So God has sent his Son Jesus to take the punishment for our wrong doing, and the relationship is restored.

We must make a conscience effort to repent and say sorry to God

Jesus will return one day

Those who believe and trust Jesus will receive eternal life.

We believe that through Jesus' death we can have a relationship with God

We follow Jesus to bring a better Kingdom, that cares for all people

We believe that we can be healed from illnesses we contract